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Our Team

Jerry Jones

General Manager

Jerry has 30 plus years in successful business to business sales and marketing. His career path has given him the opportunity to become well versed in the operation of almost every retail category. Beginning in 1977 as an account executive for a small market radio station he soon learned that he had a natural talent for seeing problems and developing their solutions.

Formally trained in the fine arts of drawing and painting, Jerry has the ability to see things for what they really are (which is the first step toward creative solutions). He has a natural curiosity that drives him to poke and question every assumption.

Clients respond well to his honesty and empathy. He “gets in their shoes” quickly and helps them see the obvious and not so obvious. Potential clients become clients. Clients become friends. Those friendships have followed him around the country.

Jerry has managed broadcast facilities in Mississippi, Montana, Texas and Louisiana. He currently serves as General Manager for the NBC and FOX stations in Monroe, Louisiana.

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