Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company


Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company is a family owned business started in 1939 in Vicksburg, MS. We have cracked pecans, shelled pecans, and pecan candy. The candy portion of the business was under the name “Lou’s Candy Kitchen” named for the cousin who sold the candy from her home located on old Highway 80 in Edwards, MS. It was later renamed “Annie Lou’s Candies.”

Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company has been in Louisiana for about 6 years.

We are called Louisiana Pecan because we specialize in pecans from Louisiana although we do carry a few varieties from other states. The Louisiana native pecan is a small, sweet nut that is full of oil that makes it perfect for cooking and making candy. It is not found anywhere else. We are open year round. Shelled pecan and candy are available all year long. We make approximately 18 different kinds of pecan candies such as: chocolate, amaretto chocolate, praline flavored, bourbon flavored, honey roasted, and coconut butter rum to name a few. We are constantly adding new flavors to our candies. Shelled pecans are available in halves, pieces, and topper (native pecan) halves. We also offer a wide variety of cracked pecans during the holiday season. Shelled pecans and cracked pecans are offered in 5 lb. and 3 lb. boxes perfect for giving as gifts. We can custom fill tins with either pecans or candy and ship wherever needed.

The Challenge

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Today, Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company is able to reduce the load on its staff by empowering the entire team to manage the web site using comfortable, powerful tools. The Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company web site stays up to date, information is more readily available, and more customers are able to learn about the outstanding pecan products and services offered by Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company.

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