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What Are the Advantages of Mobile Optimized Websites?

Carlfred Giles - Tuesday, March 13, 2012

With a rapidly growing number of mobile web users and competitors from all over the world establishing their presence on the Web, how does your website standout and deliver value? Is your website optimized for the new mobile experience, and what revenue does it generate to your business?

Mobile is viewed by many as the “new Web” due to the growing popularity and availability of the Smartphone. Mobile users are looking for content at their fingertips that they can use easily, access immediately and from virtually anywhere. So you will have to confront the challenge of delivering an improved user experience. This can only benefit your business for three main reasons: accessibility, exposure, and mobility. How does one achieve that?

BizSite Solutions offers fast and quality website optimization for smartphones. Here are some tips to give you an insight about this service, and also to guide you when you are building a mobile website:

Start by optimizing your website. When you create a separate website for your mobile users, you enable them to experience easy navigation and an improved user experience. Smartphone users are generally tech savvy and will recognize the value your website brings to them in the matter of usability.

Optimize mobile website content and design. Mobile web is about achieving more with less – you have to consider the design and content limitations of mobile web browsing in order to deliver improved user experience. Make your mobile content easy to access, interactive, and relevant. Also, the design should be minimal for a faster mobile web experience. Easy surfing will result in easy purchasing and will strengthen your brand identity!
Optimize for mobile browsers. You know that browsers should be your website’s best friend. It is of vital importance to build your mobile website accordingly, and to monitor which browser brings you the highest volume of traffic – then optimize it again.

There are certainly numerous advantages to having a mobile website. In addition to the reasons above, a mobile website provides improved SEO performance. Your rankings will rise on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and your website will be placed in relevant mobile and local directories, which will increase your business’ visibility.

Having pointed out the directions and advantages of mobile web, we can only suggest that advertisers and agencies take advantage of this new and ever popular web opportunity!

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